Hallelujah in Hell


Do you believe in Hell? No. Of course you don't. No one believes in hell. That’s what makes it hell. But before we even get to that, we have to ask, which "hell" are you referring to? In fact, there are three different realities in scripture that we refer to with our one English word, "hell." How confusing is that?


The Flaming Toilet of Death


When we believe a lie, it can make us live in filth. A loving father wouldn’t let us live that way. Even it means holding us to the fire to burn away the lie.


The Cutting Room Floor


A little editing can be a good thing. But cut too much out of a story, and you can change the meaning entirely. Cut the heart out of a love story, for example, and you might think it's a tragedy when it's really a romance. Have we done that with the Bible?


Journey to the magic kingdom


What if Genesis 1 wasn't the account of a week that came and went a long time ago, but was actually the history of all time? What if God didn't fail in his perfect creation, but He is still working everything according to His plan, and one day all will be very good?


I should you Not


The Ten Commandments are the only part of the Bible that God wrote with his own hand and he wrote it in stone. It's a bit terrifying. No matter how hard we try, we just can't live up to those commandments. We just can't seem to choose to do good all the time. It's like our free will isn't good. Do we have even have free will? Or is God creating free will in us?